I’m always organizing something; some of my other organizing efforts include:

  • The incipient effort to organize a regional meeting for Agroecology/Food Sovereignty in the USA and Canada; this will be a coalition effort involving many NGO, academic, and farmer group partners. After starting off in this effort as a volunteer, I am continuing to do so in my new job as “Sustainable Food Campaigner” with Friends of the Earth US.
  • I have recently been the acting co-director of the SF Permaculture Guild, helping to organize our monthly gatherings and a campaign to promote and develop a “Grey to Green” transformation of the City’s wastewater/stormwater infrastructure. Instead of bigger pipes, think creek daylighting; rain gardens; roof-water catchment.
  • The Clarion Alley Mural Project and its associated yearly block party; CAMP is “going pro” in 2016: we are becoming our own 501c3 non-profit, and I am a member of the inaugural Board of Directors.
  • Occupy the Farm (OTF): helping this direct action-based group achieve wider success through building a coalition with allies; exposing its successes and limitations to a wider audience through various articles.
  • UC Berkeley Food Institute: helping this emerging academic research initiative connect with local food justice organizers, incorporate the voice of the Occupy the Farm group, and move forward in authentic collaboration with grassroots groups; simultaneously, I have worked to reduce (justifiable) pessimism about the BFI’s likelihood of conducting itself as an ally amongst OTF and other food systems radicals who all too often find their ideas co-opted and mangled by institutions.
  • The San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance and the California Food Policy Council, efforts to achieve political cohesion in the food movement, and food/farming policy changes at local and state levels.
  • CCSF student club: The Urban Sustainability Alliance (best acronym ever), still exists long after my departure from CCSF!
  • Justice Begins with Seeds Conference: I organized a “Occupy the Food System” Track of speakers and presentations, May 2012
  • Produced with Amy Franceschini a collaborative brainstorm event “Applying Food Movement Tactics to the Utopian Future” for the art-stravaganza that was “Streetopia“.