I’ve been turned on to the “now” page as a place to try to update (maybe once a month?) about what is most currently on my agenda. Here goes:

I had a bit (a lot!) of trouble this year keeping up on anything computer-related, as I came down with tendonitis in my wrists, and a series of health troubles. So, I’ve not updated this page in almost a year! YET…

As of January, 2019, I am mostly focused on:

  • (Still) celebrating my success in getting my PhD research design approved this past November
  • Organizing agroecology “encuentros” in California in collaboration with the US Food Sovereignty Alliance and various local groups
  • Organizing the Agroecology Research-Action Collective (ARC) in North America
  • Taking short trips to cool/rural places with my son and improving my Spanish so that he doesn’t learn incorrectly!
  • Co-editing a special issue for the Journal of Rural Studies, focused on the Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative as applied to the USA and Puerto Rico.
  • Revising my conference paper with Maywa Montenegro, Alex Liebman, and Siena Chrisman for that issue
  • Revising my conference paper on “Othering and Solidarity in 20th Century Agrarian California” for UNRISD for a future publication
  • Beginning to prepare an article on an “anarchist” perspective on Authoritarian Populism and “emancipatory” rural politics
  • Trying to recover wrist capacity to play guitar and begin recording for the long-delayed new/next album