I’ve been turned on to the “now” page as a place to try to update (maybe once a month?) about what is most currently on my agenda. Here goes:

As of November, 2017, I am mostly focused on:

  • Organizing for agroecology “encuentros” in California in early 2018
  • Teaching a course at UC Santa Cruz — a ‘critical’ look at food movements (so fun!)
  • Working on some collaborative funding proposals
  • Working on the Resilient by Design challenge — deadlines fast approaching!
  • Playing with my son
  • Finding a new place to live
  • Researching and writing a paper for the Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative (with Maywa Montenegro, Siena Chrisman, and Alex Liebman)
  • Reading a ton of books from SF Public Library
  • Preparing two scholarly papers on farm/food-related organizing efforts in San Francisco (with Michelle Glowa) and East Bay (with Vanessa Raditz)
  • Continuing to write and demo songs for my new/next album